The surface of prosthesis collects porosity with time. The prosthesis should be washing at least once a month in order to cleaning porosity. Uncleaned prostheses can damage the eyelids and eye socket over time. It is recommended not to exceed a month for the frequency of cleaning the prosthesis.

• Wash your hands with soap and warmish water.
• Rub your eye prosthesis lightly with your fingers with warmish water and antibacterial soap to remove any accumulated residues.
• Use only water and baby shampoo during washing.
• Dry your prosthesis with a dry, soft towel without pressing.

Our advice is to take your prosthesis to the place where you get it every year and ensure that its polish is renewed. Our patients who make the polish and maintenance of the prosthesis eyes in our company every year will continue to use the prosthesis eyes with the brightness and naturalness as first day.

Prosthetic eye maintenance is important for the health of the eye socket, the long life of the prosthesis used and sustaining the function of prosthetic eye. Prosthetic eye should be cleaned periodically by specialists. The lifetime of prosthetic eye is based on cleaning and maintaining of it. The prosthetic eye that is not cleaned regularly causes burrs, itching, discomfort, and recurrent infections. In order to extend health and the life of eye prosthesis, cleaning and maintaining of the prosthetic eye should be considered. Microscopic bacteria are formed in the prosthetic eyes which are not carefully cleaned and and they start to damage both the eye socket and the prosthetic eye over time. Prosthesis eye has a lifetime. Over time, abrasion, irritation, surface roughness occurs and the surface begins to deteriorate. The lifetime of prosthesis eye is also based on owners usage. In order to minimize the damages caused by using and to use the prosthesic eye healthy for many years, maintanance and cleaning should be taken. The eye prosthesis should be changed at regular intervals in terms of eye health and psychological health, even if it is regularly maintained and cleaned. People who use prosthetic eye for long years may have some problems such as deformity and sagging eyelids but these problems can be easily solved with easy operations. Eyes are the extensions of the brain. Therefore, all kinds of discomfort should be considered. Especially in case of infection of the prosthetic eye, all necessary interventions should be done and the eye socket and prosthetic eye should be cleaned from all germs and restored. If mobile prosthetic eye is used, infection is more important fact for owners. Because the spheres, eye cover and connection screws can cause problems. And the result can go up to surgery. In order to avoid such problems, prosthetic eye should be kept clean and in case of infection, care should be taken to solve this problem with the aid of a doctor. If your prosthetic eye gets infected, consult your doctor.

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