“EFOL PROSTHETIC EYES CENTER”we started our production in 1975 with the aim of achieving the most perfect in the light of our research and experience. We are the first company in Turkey that make personal removable prosthetic eye application and we are honored and proud of this. Prosthetic eye production is a task that requires patience and precision. We never use dyes like gouache. We use fully imported colored Methyl Methacrylate which is an organic compound.

Thus, the color of prosthetic eye doesn’t affected by sea water and sunlight, external influences or fading. We are the first and only one company that makes prosthesis application without dying. All the products we use are “CE” certified and approved products. The after-completion stage of the prosthesis is as important as the final stage of the product. Reactions such as burring, redness, burning and stinging should not occur. For all of these, we have been working to do the best for years.

The name behind the bright vision of your bright future is Efol & Prosthetic Eye Center

Our Mission

To produce the first and best products in the field of Prosthetic Eye, care and hygiene products by developing our products; ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty; to bring the EFOL brand that makes a difference from the quality line to a point that is wanted by the name to the whole world.

Our Vision

Complying with superior business ethics at all stages and adhering to the principles of honest work; to achieve success by working with a high motivation to be the best in our field of activity, without compromising product quality and service; Combining professionalism with a peaceful work environment and taking another step day by day to capture the ideals.

For more information please contact us at info@efolprotez.com